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Whether you are seeking an in-home caregiver on your own or you want us to match you with a MomPro in Rhode Island, we are here for you!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Nadimpalli.

I'm a parent who has been through the nanny search and hire process many times.

Because there are so few resources for parents when they search for a nanny (outside of working with a nanny agency), I created the Same Team framework to help parents get past their fears to find and work with nannies the right way. 

Working with the right nanny was the only way I could manage my work/life!  I will empower you to budget for, find, and interview nannies who meet your needs.

Parents: it's time to get back to work, or carve out that self-care so many of us desperately need.  We can do this through partnering with the right in-homecaregivers who can support and nurture our families. 

Let's Do This

"I was able to use the materials right away while interviewing prospective nannies. It allowed my husband and I to feel confident that we were covering all the bases by asking the right questions, considering all aspects of the caregivers job and writing a contract that was fair and comprehensive. By doing the leg work upfront, we identified red flags and potential surprises.”


Reclaim Your Precious Time

We weren't meant to do this whole parenting thing alone, but few resources show you how to get the in-home help parents need.  Same Team will show you exactly how.

Leave Home Feeling Good

Yes, there are many great nannies out there -- you just need to learn how to swiftly, simply find them.

Even if you're currently working with a nanny, and would like to make it a smoother working relationship, you're in the right place.  

Childcare + Small In-Home Tasks DONE.

Learn the right ways to budget for and ask for the practical help you need on the regular.  We help parents with those awkward moments and not knowing where parent-nanny boundaries may be.


That's right.  It's not enough to survive.  Parental burn-out is at an all time high -- it's because we are doing it all alone.  There are nannies out there ready to help YOU.  We'll show you how to find them!

It's Time to Crack the Code on How to Work with a Nanny!

We will hold your hand and show you how to find and work with a nanny (even if you're already working with one!) the right way. 

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